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Southeastern Legal Video (SLV) was founded in 2004 by Joey Watson with the philosophy of providing value and expertise in the areas of legal video production and electronic trial presentation.

Joey earned his BS and MBA degrees at the University of Alabama at Birmingham  along with additional training in audio and video production. He has also completed coursework at the Birmingham School of Law was awarded the Certified InData Trainer Certificate for the TrialDirector Suite® in 2002. He is also an Notary Public for the State of Alabama.

With experience in over 200 trials/mediations/arbitrations and more than 800 depositions, Joey has worked with law firms of all sizes throughout Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas & West Virginia over the past 18 years in Municipal, State & Federal courts.

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At Southeastern Legal Video, we use professional video cameras along with professionally mixed lavaliere microphones for each participant in your deposition.  All video meets the need for quick editing and presentation in trial and other legal proceedings.

Your video is delivered on the format of your choice and the video content is archived if additional copies are needed.

Our typical coverage area for depositions is a 100 mile radius around Birmingham, AL. If you have a deposition outside of that area, please contact us to see if we are able to cover.


Southeastern Legal Video provides trial presentation consulting services using industry-leading software. We help you develop a presentation that incorporates 

documents, photographs, multimedia, synchronized deposition video and any other digital evidence or demonstratives produced by your experts.


Adding Value To Your Case


Speaking with our clients, as well as jurors after trials, we understand the need to present a cases in a modern and  compelling  & familiar manner .  Our trial presentation services provide visual and auditory reinforcement through the use of projection screens, monitors, speakers, laptop computers and other presentation tools.

SLV has the technical AND courtroom experience to present your case based on experience in numerous legal proceedings.

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